4th IC-EPSMSO - 4th International Conference on Experiments / Process / System Modeling / Simulation / Optimization

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Poster Sessions

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Wednesday, July 6th, 2011

“Thermodynamic Studies of DNA Intercalative Food Additives”
Kheirdoosh F. Dolatabadi J., Kashanian S.

“Assessment of the Levels of Breast Milk Triglyceride, Protein and its Influencing Factors in Iranian Mothers”
Khaghani S., Pasalar P., Jalalimoslem S.H., Ghanadian N. Jalalimoslem S.R., Mirmiranpour H.

“Study of Ligand Shape Effect on DNA Conformational Change Induced by Cu Complexes”
Kashanian S., Khodaei M.-M., Roshanfekr H.

“Development of a New Urinary Albumin Immunostrip Assay Based on Colloidal Au NP and MCM 41”
Omidfar K., Khorsand B.

“Remote Building Energy Management System Architecture and Integration Network Protocol for Heterogenous Building Automation Systems”
Choi C.-S., Park W.-K., Jeong Y.-K., Lee I.-W.

Thursday, July 7th, 2011

Morning session: 09:00 – 12:40

“Experimental Study on Detonation Parameters of Fuel Droplets Clouds”
Li B., Shen X., Xie L., Han Z., Zhu Y., Zhang Y.

“Infrared Thermal Image Segmentation Using Thresholding Methods”
Bouhouche S., Laid dit Leksir Y., Bouchrit M.S.

“Detection of Delamination Defects in Composite Materials Using MPSD Algorithm”
Benammar A., Drai R., Guessoum A.

“Numerical Simulations of Separation Behind Backward Facing Steps”
Louda P., Svacek P., Kozel K., Prihoda J.

“Passive Broadband Matching Network for High Speed Directly Modulated Lasers with Complanar Electrodes”
Han W., Daunt C., Yang H., O’Brien P., Peters F.

“Study of Relationships between Quantum Chemical Parameters and Detonation Characteristics of Hydrocarbon Fuels”
Xie L., Shen X., Li B., Han Z., Zhu Y., Zhang Y.

Thursday, July 7th, 2011

Afternoon session: 14:30 -17:40

“The Experimental Study of Weathering Degree of Surface Rock Layer and Methane Emission to the Atmosphere through Weathering – Induced Fractures”
Palchik V.

“Concept of a Monitoring System for Evaluation Vibration, Sound and Another Physical Factors on Construction and Operation Stages of Metro Line”
Nader M., Korzeb J.

“Construction of an Evaluation System for Dynamic Impacts on Transportation Investment Impact Zones”
Korzeb J.

“Chosen Study Methods of Dynamic Impacts Generated by Means of Transport”
Korzeb J., Rozowicz J.

“Evaluating the Accuracy and Suitability of Available PEM Fuel Cell Models for Use in a Virtual Fuel Cell System”
Taylor R., Pickert V., Armstrong M., Holden J.